Infinite Metaverse Alliance provides a survey resource for its working groups. For members, IMA can host your public working group surveys when you are ready! This way everyone has access to all surveys anytime. You will need a free Google account if you don't have one. Then, all you have to do is create the survey using Google Forms (instructions below) then click the send button in the form's upper right, select the <> icon, copy the code, and email it to lisa at From Google, here are a few steps to help you get started and a link to learn more about editing your form:


Create a survey using Google Forms


Go to

In the top left, click Blank +.

A new form will automatically open.

Give it a title then you can add any questions you want in the form template (just click the + icon). You can also organize your form by adding headers and dividing your form into several pages. You will be able to select the question types for your survey and enter the options for each question or use + Add Option to add more options as you go. Learn more about editing your form.


Alternatively: You can create a form in Google Drive by going to and clicking New>  More>  Google Forms.